Lives on the Line: Listening to Voices from the Borderlands

Grade Level: 9-12 
Subject Areas:  Language Arts or History
Time Required120 minutes
Prepared by: Kimberly G. Kim; San Juan Capistrano, California
Keywords: border, borderlands, narrative, legislation, storytelling, monologues, poetry, migrant, immigration, identity, native american, stories, storytelling

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Construction of Ethnic Identities and Recovering Cultural Memory through Muralism in the Borderlands

Grade Level: 9-12 
Subject Areas: Spanish Language Arts, AP Spanish Language and Culture, Social Studies
Time Required:
5 blocks of class instruction, 90 minutes each
Prepared by: 
 Mary Aebischer, Las Lunas, New Mexico; Francisco Becerra, San Mateo, California
Muralismo, mural, identidad, historia, frontera, Nepantla, bilingüe, bicultural, binacional, conflicto cultural, insolación, segregación, marginación

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Bilingualism, Binationalism, and Bilteracy through José Antonio Burciaga

Grade Level: 9-12
Subject Areas:  Spanish Language Arts, English Language Arts, Social Studies  
Time Required: 450 minutes
Prepared by: Ricardo Valenzuela; Roswell, New Mexico
Keywords: bilingualism, binationalism, biliteracy, nicknaming, identity, Mexican, Chicano(a), Latino(a), Spanish, English, Anglo-American, literature, fluency, mistranslation, caló, tradition

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“Nothing is Gone”: Claiming Space Along, Within, and Amid Borders

Grade Level: 11-12
Subject Areas:  English Literature and Language Arts  
Time Required: 4-6 Weeks
Prepared by: Kate Newman; Seattle, Washington
Keywords: Leslie Marmon Silko, Ceremony, borders, borderlands, identity, binationalism, liminality, nepantla, storytelling, narratology

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L.A. as Borderland: Teaching Luis Valdez’s Zoot Suit

Grade Level: 11-12
Subject Areas:  US History, English Language Arts, Spanish  
Time Required: One and a half to two eighty-minute sessions in blocks for each lesson.
Prepared by: James Huerta; Garland, Texas
Keywords: LA History, WWII, US History, Chicano, Caló, Identity, Language, Post-Colonial

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*Please note that only Part One can be displayed--to view Part Two, please download full lesson plan.*



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