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Foodways & Identity of the Texas Borderlands and Beyond

Grade Level: 7th-12th
Subject Areas: Mexican-American Studies (MAS) social studies course, language arts, ESL, sociology, world cultures, and culinary classes, among others. 
Time Required: 5 blocks (90-minute), or 2 weeks of classes. However, elements of the mini-unit could easily be adapted to be taught on their own.
Prepared by: Wendy Sierra

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Prism of Tlahtolli: An Exploration of Migrant Identity through Choice Book Study

Grade Level: 9th-10th
Subject Areas: Language Arts, narrative, tlahtolli, border, borderlands, identity, migrant, immigration, nepantla, storytelling, literature  
Time Required: 2 50-minute class period which can be extended into a choice book unit plan 
Prepared by: Wendy Sierra

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We Build the Wall (Diction)

Grade Level: 9-12
Subject Areas:  English Language Arts, Business  
Time Required: 50 minute class period
Prepared by: Tara Partow; Gallup, New Mexico
Keywords: Business, Border Barrier, Border Wall, Connotation, Diction, English Language Arts, Crowdfunding, GoFundMe, Politics, Rhetoric, Intertextuality

Download Lesson One and Lesson Two
*Please Note that only Lesson One can be displayed, to view Lesson Two, please download*

The Collision of "In-Betweenness"

Grade Level: 8-12
Subject Areas:  English Language Arts, Humanities  
Time Required: 3-10 lessons (flexibility built into plan)
Prepared by: Trevor Munhall; Lawrence, Massachusetts
Keywords: belonging, borderlands, Chicanx, exile, Gloria Anzaldúa, in-between, Latinx, mestiza, migration, nepantla

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