NEH Summer Institute

A Summer Institute (Residential) for Secondary School Teachers (Grades 6–12) at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) in collaboration with Center for Inter-American and Border Studies (CIBS) and Institute of Oral History (IOH)

July 16th – July 30th, 2023


Tales from the Chihuahuan Desert: A Summer Institute

Primary Texts

Literary El Paso BORDER PEOPLE by OJ Martinez 1994  Impossible Subjects  THE DEVILS HIGHWAY by Luis Alberto Urrea 2004   Mora P MY OWN TRUE NAME Book Cover 2000

Secondary Texts: Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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Recommended Web Reources

"Borderland" from NPR

"Documented Border: An Open Access Digital Archive"

The Institute of Oral History at UTEP

Museo Urbano

U.S. Library of Congress, Teaching with Primary Sources Program

We'd like to extend our appreciation to the El Paso Historical Commission for images used on this website.

“Unrefined” appears in My Own True Name: New and Selected Poems for Young Adults, 1984–1999 by Pat Mora, ©2000 by Piñata Books, Arte Público Press, University of Houston.