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What’s going on at the border?

Grade Level: 9th-12th
Subject Areas: World History, American II, Civics and Economics
Time Required: 3 Days
Prepared by: Antonio Noland
Keywords: Citizenship, Identity, emigration, Immigration, Media, Migrant, Migration, bracero program, Treaty

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Mapping Our World: Redefining Borders

Grade Level: 5th-6th
Subject Areas: Social Studies/English Language Arts
Time Required: 3-day lesson (45 minutes each)
Prepared by: Brenda Amaya
Keywords: Compass Rose, Cardinal Directions, Intermediate Directions, Scale, Grid System, Symbols, Legend, Poetry, Narrative, Borders, identity, Free Verse

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Lost In Translation

Grade Level: 9th-12th
Subject Areas: Language & Literature, English, English Language Arts, Theory of Knowledge
Time Required: 2 55-minute periods
Prepared by: Charles Ellenbogen

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