Community, Identity and Belonging in “Tell Me How It Ends”

Grade Level: 11-12
Subject Areas:  English/Language Arts, Social Studies  
Time Required:  Four 40-60 minute class periods, plus time to work on an assessment.
Prepared by: Carlynn Houghton, The Chapin School, New York, NY
Keywords: Migrants, refugees, immigration, bilingual, interview, asylum, activism

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Life in the Desert Borderlands

Grade Level: 6-8
Subject Areas:  Spanish I (Introductory Spanish)  
Time Required:  Two 45-minute class periods
Prepared by: Bonnie Stevens; Kansas City, Missouri
Keywords: los sentidos, sensory, la frontera, el desierto, el español, the Chihuahuan Desert, Sonoran Desert, geography, borderlands, language arts

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The Dangers of Narrative Simplicity: Crossing Linguistic Borders in the Asylum Seeking Process

Grade Level: 11-12
Subject Areas:  Spanish II or above (For IB: Spanish Ab Initio 2nd year, Spanish B)  
Time Required:  4-5 hours of classroom time plus 1-2 homework assignments
Prepared by: Andrew (Andy) Gorvetzian; Albuquerque, New Mexico
Keywords: narrative/narrativa, political asylum/asilo politico, migration/migración, indigenous groups/grupos indigenas

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Data Analysis through Scatter Plots

Grade Level: 8 
Subject Areas: Mathematics
Time Required:  Four 45-minute class periods
Prepared by: Amy Bean; Chicago, Illinois
Keywords: bivariate data, scatter plot, scatter plots, positive association, negative association, clusters, outliers, line of best fit, trend line, slope, rate, immigration

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Nepantla: Explorando la identidad a través de las narrativas

Grade Level:11-12 
Subject Areas: AP Spanish Language and Culture, Spanish for Native Speakers
Time Required:
Estimated 3 weeks (50 minute class periods)
Prepared by: 
Anna White, Spanish III and Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture, Eisenhower High School, Blue Island, Illinois.;  Kindra Young de Gómez, Heritage Spanish and Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture, Portland, Oregon
personal and public identities, self-expression, biculturalism, bilingualism, narratives, nepantla

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