Breaking Down the Borderlands

Grade Level: 9-11
Subject Areas:  US History, World History, Mexican American Studies, World Geography  
Time Required: 2 90-minute class periods
Prepared by: Liz LaClair; Garland, Texas
Keywords: Land acquisition, US/Mexico border, territory, mapping, timeline, borders, Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Manifest Destiny, Gadsden Purchase

Download Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 
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The Human Spirit Lives On: Overcoming Conflicts in Borderlands Through Introspection

Grade Level:11-12 
Subject Areas: American Studies, English, Humanities, US History, Ethnic Studies, Literature, Social Studies
Time Required:
4-6 weeks
Prepared by: 
 Mary DeWine, Tacoma, Washington; Hugo Jacobo, Santa Ana, California
Border, Binationalism, Nepantla, Identity, Duality, Hope, Liminality, Conflict, United States, Culture, Community, Humanities, Literature, Gilded Age, Gender, Body Image, Mental Health, Navigating Bicultural Identities, Interacial Relationships, Family Expectations, Adolescence, Sexuality, Immigration, Americanization, Deculturalization, Chicano/a, Latino/a, Hispanic, Mestiza

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Constructing Environmental Racism at the US/Mexico Border & Mapping Borders in Our Communities

Grade Level: 6-12 (Created for use in a 7th/8th grade classroom, but could be applied and utilized across grade levels)
Subject Areas:  Environmental Science, Project Based Learning, Interdisciplinary Classroom Settings  
Time RequiredPART ONE: 1-2 weeks (each activity will take 1-2 days, with the seminar needing more time for preparation); PART TWO: 1 week for Introduction; Ongoing (1 month-1 year) for YPAR project
Prepared by: Holly Hardin; Durham, NC
Keywords: Science (Chemistry, Ecology, Air Pollution, Climate, Environmental Science), Environmental Racism, Border Wall, Migration, US/Mexico Border, REAL ID act, Geography/Mapping

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*Please note that only Part One can be displayed--to view Part Two, please download full lesson plan.*

The Role of Borders in the American Empire

Grade Level: 11-12
Subject Areas:  High School United States History  
Time Required: 1 week (5 45-minute periods or 2-3 90-minute block periods.)
Prepared by: Emmet O'Keefe; Chicago, Illinois (East Leyden High School)
Keywords: united states, borders, hegemony, empire, foreign policy, history, high school

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Immigration, A Never-Ending Journey

Grade Level: 9-12
Subject Areas:  Language Arts and Social Studies/History  
Time Required:  200 minutes
Prepared by: Daniel Jaramillo; El Paso, Texas (Del Valle High School)
Keywords: Immigrant, Migration, Assimilation, Language, Deportation, Border, Policy

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