Push/Pull Factors and the Quest for God, Gold, and Glory

Grade Level: 8
Subject Areas: Social Studies/US History to the Reformation Era 
Time Required:  70 minutes
Prepared by: Valarie Kubos; Project Chrysalis Middle School; Houston, Texas
Keywords: Colony, Economic, Political, Push/Pull Factors, Environmental, Social, Immigration, Emigration 

Download Full Lesson Plan and Powerpoints for Lesson 1 and Lesson 2

Ni De Aqui, Ni De Alla: Exploring Bicultural Identity in Ethnic Adolescents

Grade Level: 10-11
Subject Areas: Spanish 
Time Required:  5-6 Class Periods
Prepared by: Esmeralda L. Soto; Mastic Beach, New York
Keywords: Spanish, Foreign Language, Immigration, Identity, Bilingualism, Binational, Bicultural

Download Full Lesson Plan

Making a Nation

Grade Level: 8
Subject Areas: Language Arts and Social Studies/History
Time Required:  100 minutes (meant to be divided over two 50 min. sessions)
Prepared by: Victoria Volker; Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders; Austin, Texas
Keywords: Nation, Identity, Borders, Citizenship, North America, Immigration, Spanish Colonization, Native Americans

Download Full Lesson Plan 

La LoterĂ­a of the Borderlands

Grade Level: 10-12
Subject Areas: Government, US History, English, or ESL
Time Required:  As determined by instructor
Prepared by: Katie Whelan; Richmond, Virginia
Keywords: Identity, Borders, Lottery, Identity of Place

Download Full Lesson Plan and Visit Website

Know Thyself

Grade Level: 9 - 12
Subject Areas: Spanish levels 1-2
Time Required:
Roughly 9 hours - see individual lessons for time
Prepared by: 
Stephanie Colquitt (Auburn High School) & Alison Kairis (Redmond High School)
Identity, Stereotypes, Culture, Biculturalism, Binationalism.

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