Exploring & Discovering Identity through Narrative

Grade Level:10-12
Subject Areas:Language Arts and Social Studies
Time Required:
90-minute sessions (9 class periods total)
Prepared by: 
Miguel A. Martinez, Social Studies Department, Northwest Early College High School, Canutillo, TX;  Alisia N. Muir, English Department, Northwest Early College High School, Canutillo, TX
Identity, narratives, ethnocentrism, vignettes, culture, migration, immigration, history, borderlands, multicultural

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La Lotería of the Borderlands

Grade Level: 10-12
Subject Areas: Government, US History, English, or ESL
Time Required:  As determined by instructor
Prepared by: Katie Whelan; Richmond, Virginia
Keywords: Identity, Borders, Lottery, Identity of Place

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Border crossings: Exploring the U.S.- Mexico Borderland Experience / Cruzando Fronteras: Una exploración de la experiencia migratoria entre México y EE.UU

Grade Level: 8 (in a FLES program) or a High School Spanish 1 or 2 class, depending on the time of year and level of students.
Subject Areas: Spanish Language Arts/Humanities
Time Required:  This unit could last approximately 6-8 lessons depending on length of classes and level of students.
Prepared by: Talía González; New York City, New York
Keywords: border, borderlands, frontera, migration, immigration, migración, inmigración, crossing, cruce, resistance, resistencia, desierto, desert

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Making a Nation

Grade Level: 8
Subject Areas: Language Arts and Social Studies/History
Time Required:  100 minutes (meant to be divided over two 50 min. sessions)
Prepared by: Victoria Volker; Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders; Austin, Texas
Keywords: Nation, Identity, Borders, Citizenship, North America, Immigration, Spanish Colonization, Native Americans

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Push/Pull Factors and the Quest for God, Gold, and Glory

Grade Level: 8
Subject Areas: Social Studies/US History to the Reformation Era 
Time Required:  70 minutes
Prepared by: Valarie Kubos; Project Chrysalis Middle School; Houston, Texas
Keywords: Colony, Economic, Political, Push/Pull Factors, Environmental, Social, Immigration, Emigration 

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