Forgotten Voices: The Bracero Program

Grade Level: 6 -10
Subject Areas: Language Arts and Social Studies/History, Science
Time Required:
50 minutes
Prepared by: 
Kaye Mullins and Gordon Hultberg from El Paso, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah
Bracero, Migrant, Migration, Discrimination

Download Full Lesson Plan 1 and 2

Somos nuestros cuentos: Leyendas, historias orales, e historias personales que forman nuestra identidad en el mundo

Grade Level: Spanish II or higher with modification
Subject Areas: Spanish 
Time Required:  6 weeks (or 4 weeks if not including Extended Learning component)
Prepared by: Kate Hoin; Troy, Michigan
Keywords: History, historia, Oral History, historias orales, Braceros, Detroit, Spanish Language, ​El ​español​, Advanced Spanish, Intermediate Spanish, Texas History (Spanish), la historia de Tejas, Preterite/Imperfect tense, Past Tense, el pasado

Download Full Lesson Plan 

Borders Near and Far: A Global and Local Investigation of Borderlands

Grade Level: 11-12
Subject Areas: Language Arts 
Time Required:  120 minutes
Prepared by: Marty Frazier; Hathaway Brown School
Keywords: US-Mexico Border, Identity, Mexican-American History, Urban/Suburban borders, Yuri Herrera, Immigration Policies, Immigration Debate

Download Full Lesson Plan and Powerpoint

The Journal as Border: Bridging Vision and Voice

Grade Level: 9 -10
Subject Areas: Poetry/English Language Arts and Studio Art
Time Required:
10-12 50 minute integrated lessons
Prepared by: 
Linda Okoth and Gordon Hultberg from Herndon, Virginia and Salt Lake City, Utah
poetry, sensory, food, illustration, observation, media, Southwest, Pat Mora, imagery, communication, journal, identity

Download Full Lesson Plan

Smokestack Memories: A Borderlands History During the Gilded Age

Grade Level: 7, 8 and 11
Subject Areas: Social Studies/U.S. History/Texas State Social Studies/A.P. U.S. History
Time Required:
3-90 minute classes
Prepared by: 
Francesca Alonso and Joseph “Joey” Louis Leff; El Paso, TX 
Immigration, Assimilation, Gender, Borderlands History, Industrialization, the West, Labor

Download Full Lesson Plan and Materials, Maps and Images



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