Tales from the Chihuahuan Desert: A Summer Institute

Primary Texts

Literary El Paso BORDER PEOPLE by OJ Martinez 1994  Impossible Subjects  THE DEVILS HIGHWAY by Luis Alberto Urrea 2004   Mora P MY OWN TRUE NAME Book Cover 2000

Secondary Texts

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Recommended Web Reources

"Borderland" from NPR: http://apps.npr.org/borderland/

"Documented Border: An Open Access Digital Archive" http://speccoll.library.arizona.edu/events/documented-border-open-access-digital-archive

The Institute of Oral History at UTEP: http://academics.utep.edu/Default.aspx?alias=academics.utep.edu/oralhistory

Museo Urbano: https://www.facebook.com/MuseoUrbanoElPaso

U.S. Library of Congress, Teaching with Primary Sources Program: http://www.loc.gov/teachers/tp