FAQs: Housing


Q: Is there an application for housing at the UTEP Miner Village?

A: Yes. Click HERE for the application.


Q: When is the deadline for housing at the UTEP Miner Village?

A: The deadline is July 1, 2017.


Q: How much is housing at Miner Village?

A: Lodging at the UTEP Miner Village, which is located at 2401 North Oregon Street, will cost $25.00 a night. So, $25 per night X 14 nights = $350.00.


Q: Am I required to apply for residence in the Miner Village?

A: No. You may, if you choose, seek alternate accommodations such as Airbnb.


Q: Will I have a roommate?

A: Yes. All apartments are designed to house two individuals. Each apartment has two separate bedrooms, a shared bathroom, kitchen, and living area. The housing administrator will make every effort pair roommates by gender.


Q: Can I request a single apartment?

A: This may be a possibility. Include this in your UTEP Miner Village housing application.


Q: What is included in my stay at the UTEP Miner Village?

A: It will be a furnished apartment with the following (note that meals are not included):
(1) Full kitchen
(2) Semi-private bath
(3) Wireless internet
(4) Refrigerated air conditioning
(5) Linen
(6) Free parking with guest parking
(7) Parking permit


Q: I still have a question that wasn’t answered here. Whom do I contact?

A: R. Joseph Rodríguez and Ignacio Martínez, our Institute program co-directors, would be pleased to answer any additional inquiries. Please send them to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..