FAQs: Technology and Support


Q: Should I bring my own laptop and other devices?

A: You will have access to a computer laboratory outside of the classroom sessions. It is, however, advisable that you bring your own laptop or iPad for daily usage.


Q: Are there additional roaming or international fees for my phone carrier by being so close to another country?

A: Check with your carrier beforehand.


Q: Will there be Wi-Fi access?

A: Yes.


Q: What are the e-portfolios?

A: The e-portfolio projects, housed in a Web platform and named Tales from the Chihuahuan Desert Borderlands: A Humanities Archive, will be lesson plans or units with a summary of what each Summer Scholar learned about a concept presented and that is most applicable in his or her individual secondary classroom, grades 6–12.

A template will be provided and the e-portfolio must be completed to earn your stipend.


Q: What will be in my e-portfolio?

A: Each participant will create a minimum of two lesson plans or a unit plan using materials from the Institute.

Summer Scholars will use the resources on the project Web site along with resources and writings compiled through the e-portfolio Web site to transform their Institute experience into an e-product.

The e-portfolio will be directly applicable to the Summer Scholars’ teaching and for other teachers to adopt and use.


Q: What will happen to my e-portfolio after it goes live online?

A: After the Institute, the Summer Scholars’ individual e-portfolio projects will be posted to UTEP Tales from the Chihuahuan Desert Borderlands: An Archive. Based on permissions, the e-portfolio based projects will be made available to Summer Scholars and interested teachers nationwide beyond the Institute period.

Q: What support can I expect from the Creative Studios team?

A:  The e-portfolios to be developed by the Summer Scholars will be managed on a platform in consultation with the UTEP Office of Academic Technologies and their Creative Studios team. 

Steve Varela, the director the UTEP Academic Technologies, is a national leader in teacher professional learning and education.

Steve’s Creative Studios team will assist Summer Scholars in curating their e-portfolios.

The team members will be present in the assigned laboratory during specific time periods, although it is the individual Summer Scholar’s responsibility to develop the content of the lesson plans and to make sure the content corresponds to state or national standards in your discipline, content area, or subject.


Q: Will there be time to work on my e-portfolio during the two-week Institute?

A: Yes. All Summer Scholars will have three to four hours to work on the e-portfolio each day with additional time available during the two-week period.


Q: Can I begin working on my e-portfolio now?

A: Yes, you may begin thinking about an essential question and using the readings you received to begin brainstorming and planning.