FAQs: Readings and Content


Q: Where can I get access to the readings?

A:  All the readings will be posted electronically on the Institute web page. They will be downloadable as of June 20th, 2019.

Three books, which are required reading, will be shipped to you, via US Postal Service, in late May 2019.


Q: Do I need to read EVERYthing?

A: We recommend completing all the required readings. You may wish to skim and scan the recommended readings and based on your disciplinary interest.


Q: Is this Institute structured primarily for teachers of West Texas?

A: No. Though the borderlands histories and narratives of the greater Chihuahuan Desert are our primary “case study,” we have chosen the topics and readings for the Institute so that they might deepen an understanding of communities.

Summer Scholars are also encouraged to bring to the Institute literary, historical texts about identity and binational experiences in their own regions of the country. This can expand our dialogue.