FAQs: Stipends


Q: How much of my stipend should I plan on spending before I receive it?

A: Plan your travel now and expect to pay yourself back once you receive the first payment of your stipend. Bring spending funds in case there are any delays with payroll based on your document submission and processing.


Q: Other than tax deductions from the $2100, will there be any other deductions?

A: If you choose UTEP Housing in the Miner Village, we will automatically deduct this amount for a two-week period.


Q: Are there payroll documents to complete for my stipend?

A: Yes. You will receive these e-forms for completion by June 1st, and you will be required to return the completed e-forms to Diana González, our Institute administrator. We will send an e-mail message to you by May 25th.


Q: Can I receive my full stipend even if I am absent or non-participatory?

A: No. Stipend payments will be based on attendance in the Institute, participation during the Institute, and completion of the e-portfolio.

The stipend will be paid in two to three installments. One of these partial payments will be at the beginning of the Institute and by July 22nd, 2019, pending receipt and processing of payroll documents.

Plan to have spending funds should there be any delays with your document submission an procession.


Q: Is there a bank nearby to deposit my stipend checks?

A: Yes. A few banks are nearby and within walking distance from our campus. Wells Fargo has an agreement with UTEP with a few ATMs on campus. A Wells Fargo branch office is located two blocks away from the UTEP Student Union.


Q: I still have a question that wasn’t answered here. Whom do I contact?

A: R. Joseph Rodríguez and Ignacio Martínez, our Institute program directors, would be pleased to answer any additional inquiries. Please send them to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..