FAQs: Housing


Q: Is there an application for housing?

A: Yes. Click HERE for the application.


Q: When is the deadline for submitting my application for housing?

A: The deadline is July 1, 2017.


Q.  Where will I be staying if I choose to apply for residence at UTEP?

A:  The UTEP Dept. of Residence Life will be assigning Summer Scholars, who signed up for housing, to a community in the Miner Canyon residence. Please visit the website and become familiar with the location and rooms. The costs posted are for semesters, which do not apply to our Institute.

Your housing assignment will be sent to your e-mail address by Thursday afternoon, July 13th, 2017. Be sure to write down the housing location and address for your arrival and check-in.


Q: How much are the housing options at UTEP?

A: Lodging will cost $25.00 a night. So, $25 per night X 14 nights = $350.00.


Q: Am I required to apply for residence at UTEP?

A: No. You may, if you choose, seek alternate accommodations such as Airbnb.


Q: Will I have a roommate?

A: Yes. All apartments are designed to house two individuals. Each apartment has two separate bedrooms, a shared bathroom, kitchen, and living area. The housing administrator will make every effort pair roommates by gender.


Q: Can I request a single apartment?

A: This may be a possibility. Include this in your housing application.


Q: What is included in my stay?

A: It will be a furnished apartment with the following (note that meals are not included):
(1) Full kitchen
(2) Semi-private bath
(3) Wireless internet
(4) Refrigerated air conditioning
(5) Linen
(6) Free parking with guest parking
(7) Parking permit


Q: Can I request an escort to and from my housing?

A: There are times when people feel the need for a little extra security. This could be due to a personal issue or other security concern. The UTEP Police Department will provide safety escorts to all locations on campus 24 hours a day. Police Officers and Public Safety Officers provide this service. Students may request a Safety Escort by calling the UTEP Police Department at (915) 747-5611 or by using one of the “Blue-Light” emergency phones on campus or the emergency phones located in various hallways and elevators of buildings.

Q: I still have a question that wasn’t answered here. Whom do I contact?

A: R. Joseph Rodríguez and Ignacio Martínez, our Institute program co-directors, would be pleased to answer any additional inquiries. Please send them to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..